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Domestic & International Payment Processing

HYPEPAY understands the long grueling process it takes global E-Commerce businesses to get accepted for direct merchant accounts. Our expertise and relationships will make the process seamless, allowing you to focus on growing your revenues while we focus on getting your accounts live.

There are may reasons merchants might experience difficulties. Usually problems are associated to credit history, previous processing issues and the industry of the business. The key to finding a financial institution willing to underwrite the account is to determine the exact reasons for the problem.​ 

Here at HYPEPAY Inc.  we recognize the risks involved in our clients business. We will Identify  the issues affecting your business and seeking a processing partner that meets your needs and is in your best interests. We are anxious in finding you the right solution. Call or email us any time for a FREE consultation!

15 Years of Experience

MOTO Merchant Accounts

HYPEPAY Inc.  will provide merchants with a dedicated moto merchant account & Virtual Terminal


We service a wide spectrum of E-Commerce business categories and MCC codes, see below some examples:

Dating Websites
Online Auctions
Online Gaming
Health & Wellness Products
Call Centers/Telemarketing
ISP and Hosting Services
Mail Order
Money Transfer
Payday Loans
Prepaid Phone Cards
Credit Repair
Fantasy Sports Websites/Lotteries
Software Downloads
Immigration/Visa Services